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Classes May   June   July  
Accounting 101 18 22 27
Accounting 201 19 23 28
Accounting 301 20 24 29
Fundraising 101  14 23
Fundraising 201  15  24
Each class is four hours and consists of two sessions. Session 1: 11am – 1pm (Eastern Time) Session 2: 2pm – 4pm (Eastern Time)

Accounting 101 – Getting Started with FUND E-Z

  • System Basics – Login, Menus, Data Lists, and Report Screens.
  • Accounting Intro – Modules, Transaction Screens, Cash Basis vs. Accrual, and Basic Accounting Reports.
  • Chart of Accounts – Account Types, Chart of Accounts Structure, and Transaction Flow.
  • Transactions – Working With Transactions, Journals, Direct Allocations, Memorize and Recur, Add Generic Data, and Bank Reconciliations.
  • Transaction Analysis – Trial Balance, General Ledger, Aging, Open-Item, AP/AR Ledger, and Forced Balancing.

Accounting 201 – Check Writing, Client Billing, P/O

  • Check Writing and 1099’s – Print A/P Checks, G/L Checks, and 1099’s.
  • Client Billing – Create Client Billing Invoices, Reverse Invoices, and Print Statements.
  • Purchase Orders – Create and Print Purchase Orders. Work with Encumbrances.
  • Budgets – Set up and Process Budgets, Budget Names and Budget Reports.

Accounting 301 – Creating Standard and Custom Reports

  • Filters and Groupings – Filters, Sequences, Row Groups.
  • Financial Statements – Revenue & Expense, Balance Sheet, and FASB Reports. About Periods and Close the Books.
  • Custom Reporting (Part 1) – Create Custom Reports and Report Groups.
  • Custom Reporting (Part 2) – Trial Balance, General Ledger, Aging, Transaction Journals, Financial Statements.

Dashboards & Form Designer Custom Training Classes –
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  • Dashboards – Design pivots, gauges, pie charts, and other data analysis graphs.
  • Form Designer – Customize PO’s, C/B invoices/statements/adjustments, and cash-basis transaction vouchers.

Fundraising 101 – Using FUND E-Z’s Fundraising

  • Donor Basics – Login, Users, Menus, QAT, Lists, TDI, Report Screens, and Major Components of a Donor.
  • Gifts – Create Gifts, Campaign, Appeal, Sub-Appeal, Accounting Integration, and Other Gift Features.
  • Pledges – Create Pledges, Pledge Payments, Accounting Integration, and Pledge Adjustments.
  • Views – Design Views, Operators, and Examples.

Fundraising 201 – Fundraising Reports, Emails, and Letters

  • Donor Reports – Customize Donor Reports, Donor Relationships, LYBUNT, SYBUNT, Giving History, and Giving Comparison.
  • Giving Reports – Customize Gift Reports, Customize Pledge Reports, and Unfulfilled Pledges.
  • Mail Merge – Create Mail Merge, General Mailings, Letters, Finalizing, and Other Merges.
  • Emails, Envelopes, & Labels – Mail Merge Emails, Envelopes, and Labels.

HIPAA Billing Custom Training Classes –
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  • System Basics – Login, Users, Menus, QAT, Lists, TDI, and Report Screens.
  • Setup – Receivers, Payers, Services Codes, Billing Groups, and Other Supporting Databases.
  • Claim Creation – Adding Manual Claims, Auto-Create Claims, Memorizing Claims, Leaves/Authorizations, and Global Holidays.
  • Processing Claims – How to Create Billing Files, Accounting Integration, and HIPAA File Management.
  • Processing Remittances – Importing 997s, Processing 835s, Resetting a Claim to Submitted, Adding Voids/Adjustments, Claim History Tab, Insurance Tab, and Other Info Tab.
  • Reports – Claim Reports, Client Reports, and HIPAA Related Accounting Reports.

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Each class is only $295 per person. Each class is four hours and consists of two sessions. Contact us for group rates. We will need to know the names and email addresses of attendees as well as course numbers and dates they are being signed up for.