Medicaid billing

FUND E-Z is an electronic billing system that’s HIPAA compliant and can be used to bill Medicaid throughout the United States.
Medicaid Defined
Medicaid is health insurance for underprivileged people who can’t afford insurance for some or all of their medical bills.

Medicaid does not pay money to individuals. Instead, it sends payments directly to health care providers. Eligible recipients are sometimes asked to make a small co-pay.

Medicaid has grown very rapidly over the years, primarily due to:

  • • New laws to cover more people.
  • • Population growth, and economic recessions.
  • • Expanded coverage and more utilization of services.
  • • Increases in the aging population.
  • • Rising drug costs and the availability of new drugs.
  • • Increased rates to providers that have been out-pacing inflation.