What’s included

General Ledger

Nonprofits are more complex than most businesses. Tackle these challenges with FUND E-Z’s multi-segment chart of accounts. Print simple consolidated reports and detailed columnar reports. The flexible general ledger satisfies internal and external audit requirements.

  • Construct a multi-segment chart of accounts that reflects your nonprofit’s programs, projects, funding streams, departments, etc.
  • Budget by segment, track variances and unexpended amounts.
  • Keep unlimited fiscal years online.
  • Start processing a new fiscal year before closing the old one.
  • Provide complete audit trails and audit reports across companies.
  • Forced balancing business rules safeguard data integrity across the general ledger, subsidiary ledgers, and all other modules.
  • Print financial reports by segment(s), for any period, even crossing fiscal years.
  • Provide consolidations of segments in summary or columnar format.
  • Compare actual vs. budget for any segment, group of segments, or for total company.
  • Create filters and sequences to report multiple segments back-to-back.
  • Easily ‘drag-and-drop’ accounts into grouped rows on financial statements to create totals, subtotals and summaries.
  • Create cost report worksheets for 990’s and internal auditing.
  • Print a full set of FASB 117 financial statements.
  • Drill down to data records from reports.
  • Create Excel spreadsheets reports with just a few clicks.
  • Output reports to other formats such as PDF or HTML.
  • Email reports in multiple formats.
  • Enjoy rock-solid transaction integrity, regardless of volume.
  • Create transactions from memorized items or from posted history.
  • Process cash basis transactions (bank deposits and manual checks).
  • Print cash basis checks in groups, not just one at a time.
  • Use the general journal for adjustments, bank charges, accruals, recurring entries, etc.