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FUND E-Z Pro is an optional add-on module that adds features and a layer of customizability to the system. Its advanced features satisfy the needs of larger, more complex nonprofits. The following features are included with the Pro add-on:

  • User-definable chart of accounts: Define up to 10 chart of account segments (dimensions); set the data-entry width of each segment from 1 to 10 characters; make cost centers balancing (print balance sheets by cost center); set segment data types as alpha or numeric; make segments required (can’t leave blank); dedicate a segment for FASB 117 reporting; rearrange the segment sort order for transaction entry.
  • Custom reporting: Create and save custom reports; control content (fields to show in report); specify filter criteria (which records to display); set printing options (fonts, margins, orientation, etc.); impose security (public vs. private, and read only attributes).
  • Batch entry: Allows for complete review of transaction batches before posting.
  • Purchasing: Process purchase orders and encumbrance transactions. Print an encumbrance ledger. Add A/P invoices for many open encumbrances in one step. Liquidate unfulfilled encumbrances in seconds.
  • Indirect allocations: Allocate admin and overhead revenue and expenses. Create allocation journal entries that can be posted if necessary. Analyze post-allocation financial statements which include unposted allocation entries.
  • Interfund balancing by fund: Assign multiple interfund balancing accounts for each fund. Use up to two different interfund accounts in each journal, for each fund. Program interfund loans and paybacks.
  • Auto-Offsets: Program which cash, accounts payable or accounts receivable account to offset against every fund-account combination using with auto-offsets.
  • Security groups: Manage user groups and assign function rights to the group. Make users members of groups to inherit group rights.
  • Segment security: Prevent users from viewing transactions containing certain funds, accounts, and cost centers. Hide payroll data from unauthorized personnel.
  • Company consolidation: Auto-creates a new company that joins other companies together in detail as a new dataset (used to report multiple companies in a consolidated fashion).

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