Fund Accounting Overview

Comprehensive Accounting Software for Nonprofits
FUND E-Z does what you need it to do. For 20 years… the best value in fund accounting software. Nonprofits use FUND E-Z to create and track budgets for multiple funds, programs, projects, grants, funding sources, and departments. FUND E-Z is fiscal year independent, with custom report creation capabilities. Nonprofits can properly demonstrate accountability across the board, with fundraising integration, and
satisfaction of cost reporting requirements.

The result of logical design is ease-of-use

Your data is under control with
FUND E-Z’s simple interface. Sort, filter, print, export and email data in seconds. Drill into reports for instant data access. You can also copy, merge and
memorize data.
Easy-to-use menus display items in an organized, modular fashion. Users can customize their own quick access toolbar with commonly used items. A tabbed
activity region provides one-click-access
to screens already visited.
Grant user rights by function, and hide sensitive account information with segment security. Set group rights for group members to inherit.
Flexible fund accounting software

Thousands have chosen FUND E-Z because they can…

  • Utilize a nonprofit chart of accounts that tracks programs, funding sources, grants, sites, departments, etc.
  • Split transactions across segments.
  • Budget segments in detail or summary.
  • Print financials by segment, or segment combinations.
  • Maintain unlimited fiscal periods.
  • Drill-down from all reports to source data.

You have full control

  • Document attachments.
  • Automatic backups.
  • Crash protection – auto-rollback of data to pre-crash state.
  • Audit features track additions, modifications, and deletions of data.
  • Forced balancing rules insure system-wide data integrity.
  • Data records for printed documents are non-editable.
  • Optional: Batch posting allows review of transactions before posting.
  • Forced audit trail with supervisor access.
  • Jump-points between related transactions and document attachments.