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FUND E-Z Fund Accounting

The right tool for efficient nonprofit management, tailored to the needs of nonprofits. Use predefined account segments and reports (FUND E-Z Basic), or customize the chart of accounts (FUND E-Z Pro). Both solutions lead to one end: Effective decision making. Learn more

FUND E-Z Fundraising

User-friendly, affordable, and comprehensive. Organize donors, donations, pledges, appeal mailings, and reports. Fully integrated with FUND E-Z Accounting. Learn more

FUND E-Z Medicaid Billing

HIPAA compliant (native 837).  Bill Medicaid, Medicare, and Insurance. Accommodates multiple service types, supports 999, 277, and 835 electronic submissions.  Fully integrated to FUND E-Z Accounting. Learn more
You can enhance each product by upgrading to the FUND E-Z Pro edition.


FUND E-Z Pro is an optional add-on module that adds features and a layer of customizability to the system. Its advanced features satisfy the needs of larger, more complex nonprofits. Learn more